"What's in a Name?"

“What’s in a Name?” this infamous phrase is often used to understand the concept behind or the components of a designation. As it relates to His Hands Community Bible Fellowship, we are a non-denominational Church of Jesus Christ, who serves as an extension of Christ’s hands as we reach, touch, and shape lives for Christ’s return!

Japan—England—Israel—and a major portion of the United States, these  locales represent only a few “ports of call” or “equipping stations” where the Lord strategically placed us in preparation for His great work! The Lord continues to amaze us as He navigates each and every aspect of our lives—not only from a geographic perspective—but from a relational perspective as well—yes, His divine fingerprints are quite evident! While there are many, one noteworthy port of call is that of Dallas Theological Seminary! Here, we gained a wealth of invaluable knowledge from legendary professors and associates—e.g. Drs. Dwight Pentecost; Charles Swindoll; Mark Bailey; Tony Evans; the late Howard Hendricks, and many others!
These “awesomely divine, intricately woven tapestries” and the overall compilation of experiences, has empowered us to faithfully declare His Word and teach biblical truths. We serve as Christ’s hands—as such, His Hands Community Bible Fellowship will reach out to touch the leastthe lastand the lost!